Are heating directions included?

All our meals are cooked to allow the meal to reach peak flavor when heated. Due to the vast differences in the performance of microwave ovens we can only tell you that, in general, two minutes seems to work for a lot of people. Heating in an oven set to 300 degrees for about 10 minutes is a good place to start. Again you will have to experiment a little with your oven. Don’t overdo it, especially on the steak dishes.

What if I don’t like my meal?

We are no different than a restaurant. If you don’t like your meal please let us know what you did not like. We want you to be happy with your food from Kitchen Results and will work hard to see that you are pleased with your meal(s) from us.

Can you ship me my meals?

At present we are not able offer that service. There is pending legislation that is going to affect how food is delivered and how it is shipped. Once that legislation is in place we will investigate what it means to our business and see if shipping is possible.

Why don’t you use one of the food delivery companies?

The same legislation that will address shipping of prepared meals will also address delivery of food. Currently there are actually some people delivering food in personal cars with no insurance of cleanliness or temperature maintenance. We decline to be a part of that process. The best way to provide your food to you in a clean and safe manner is to follow strict cleanliness and temperature procedures that we can maintain and control.

What is your refund policy?

Essentially there are no refunds because once you accept your order control of the food, its handling as to cleanliness and proper temperature control, is out of our hands. We ask you to contact us with any question concern so may work with you towards a resolution that is acceptable to you. And we pledge to do that.

Can I make changes to the menu?

The best way to answer this question is…maybe? For an order of one or two meals, probably not. If you are on a meal plan buying 20 or so meals a week then there is a better chance that we may be able to accommodate you.

Can I get a discount on my meals?

We are just like every other business out there. Volume generally equates to a better price. Many times we acknowledge this without being asked.

Is there any difference between the food I order directly from you and your food found in many fitness and nutrition stores?

Absolutely not. In fact, many of our customers place their orders and pick up their meals from their favor gym, fitness or supplements store. However you do it you will get the same great meals.